• Niche sites

    During the second half of the Senior Project Journalism course, students conceived, researched, wrote and produced their own niche sites.

    Budget Bon-Viveur:  You don’t need to be rich to eat like a king, and you most certainly don’t need to be Martha Stewart.  This site helps students and those on budgets plan and cook gourmet meals. Founder: Megan Anderle

    FroshO:   This site combines advice from upperclassmen with interviews of current freshmen to create a totally user-driven web site that informs users on what it is really like to be a freshman at Ramapo College. Founder: Erica Buchman

    NJbudgetgolf:  There is no reason that golf has to only be a game for CEO’s and trust fund babies. Here at NJ Budget Golf, we strive to help golfers all over New Jersey play golf without taking a chunk out of their wallets. Founder: Joe Carlson

    Firefighting Memories: This site is dedicated to local museums detailing the history, equipment and heroes of local fire stations in New Jersey. Founder: John Church

    Closetfree.org: The goal of closetfree.org is to provide a safe haven for teens and young adults who are struggling with their identity. The site specifically focuses on you telling your story. Members have the ability to share their story through writing, or creating a video. Founder: Mike Drury

    Njfilmit:  This site targets digital filmmaking students at Ramapo College. It goes behind the scenes of student work and creativity. Founder: Jeremy Kelly

    Helpingpawsnj: This site aims to help owners of rescued pets. Founder: Courtney Leiva

    Outofyourelement: This site is for students who traveled abroad to study, who are interested in going, or who just want to hear about others’ experiences. Stories are from students from all over the U.S. who studied in a variety of countries.  Founder: Lauren Mennen

    Tattedupnj: This site is a community for local tattoo enthusiasts to show and discuss their body artwork and experiences. Founder: Dan O’Leary

    Sportssupportcharity:  This is a non-profit website that helps out small town charities in Somerset County that began in December 2011. The idea is also to allow sports teams the opportunity to auction off tickets and are share a portion of the proceeds with the charities and organizations listed. Founder: Jillian Parker

    Truestudentathlete:  This site raises awareness and the profile of the student-athletes at Ramapo College. It encourages the Ramapo College and Mahwah communities to get to know who these young men and women are on and off the field. Founder: Becky Penhaker

    NJeatsauthentic:  For a taste of homecooking, NJ Eats Authentic is the perfect guide to find and read about authentic, ethnic food and cooking in Northern New Jersey. Founder: Elyse Toribio

     Itsonlyme:  This site aims to  support children of divorced families. Founder: Eileen Tracy


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